My first Personal Development Days

Every six weeks we're having Personal Development Days. It's usually 3 days - Thursday, Friday and Monday when we don't work on clients' projects but we can work on our own stuff - learning news skills, working on our personal projects, etc.

I decided to learn something new that I can potentially use at work but also deploy to the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, which I accidentally received a day before my first PDD (Thanks Kollegorna!).

I wanted to learn some Node.js for a while, but didn't have time to do so. Until now.

There's a great course at codeschool - Real-time Web with Node.js, so I decided to give it a try. It took me a day to complete the course, and I was thinking about a microproject that could be based on it. After I while I knew exactly what to build. Since we're a distributed team working from 5 different locations, we use Slack for internal communication.

I built weatherbot. It's a very simple node.js app that fetches weather data from our team members' work locations and posts it to our Slack channel. It uses an excellent API and slack-node for posting the data to Slack using Slack API.

It's deployed to Raspberry Pi and scheduled to run daily at 9. An article on how you set up Node.js on Raspbian.

And this is what awaits us every morning in #kollegorna channel:


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