Our first React Native endeavour

To be honest I was a little bit nervous, it was our first project and I was the only dev who knows React Native, adding that this app needed to run on iOS and Android, tablets and mobile devices, that felt quite a challenge.

In times of despair dev-wise during a project (which this had a couple of times) you want some great minds in your side to seek help to but unfortunately I could not count on my colleagues vast experience on this, only StackOverflow and Github were there to help me and that sometimes can make you feel insecure.

BUT we thrive!

And from that success I want to share a couple of tips that may help on easing up the process, from the beginning of the project to publishing your app.

Know your way with the app stores process

For some too complex, for others not at all, either way get yourself submerged with the process of testing and publishing apps in the App Store and Google Play. Did you know that for each new version you want to send to external testers your app have to be submitted for Apple approval process? I didn't.

Check the app design thoroughly

Don't hold back on the app design, but after the design is signed off and approved the first thing you should do is look for potential headaches. This could cover from a complex animation all the way to a specific functionality.

Know your components and packages beforehand

In React Native you do almost everything with components already baked in, and if not you can get a package to do it, I highly recommend to list and install every one you will need in your app.

Test, test, test and test again

If your app will cover some ground on what devices and OS versions should run you will definitely want to test your components, packages and special functionalities just to make sure it will be a smooth app development. I'm sure you don't want to code your app around a specific functionality or component just to find out it does not work on Android phones with KitKat.

Well this it, I'm sure I will remember other tips and I'll be back here to update this post but I think these 4 tips are the most problem-avoiders I could give you.

In the end don't be afraid in taking new paths and learning new skills, at the end it'll all work out, trust me.

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